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The National Mobile Security Council (NMSC) propelled by NSC is a Not-for-Profit autonomous council body founded with the aim of providing a technology based opt-in security subscription service to the mobile users in India which is aimed towards the National Security. Its function is to provide and manage the opt-in paid subscriptions of the IMR service to the mobile users in India.


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The council’s activities include building the national database of mobile devices keeping the mobile users & national security in mind. The database is being built on registration of device users in the Indian Mobile Register (IMR) via registered service providers. IMR is one of its kind unique databases of mobile devices and is beneficial for mobile users as well as for various law enforcement departments in several ways. IMR helps report lost/stolen mobile phones. Anybody who finds the mobile phone can submit a Found notice in the portal using the IMR ID. The finder of the device can punch in the IMR ID of the found device and get the contact details of the device owner. The device owner has a provision to offer a reward/incentive to the one who has found the mobile device. IMR has been a first of its kind secure database portal for checking the real identity of the device seller in case of used mobile purchases. The IMR database can be used to search the device owner's identity in case of second hand mobile purchase. Just to check if the seller claims to be who he/she is. Also it ensures the safety of the buyers to check whether the device has been used in any fraudulent activity or not before the buyer purchases the device. Hence enhancing effective decision making while purchasing second hand/used mobile phones.

Also, without visiting the IMR website, one can check the authenticity of the device & the seller by sending a SMS to 8447875878 by using the keyword AUTH <space> 10 digit IMR ID.

Register with IMR service
Link your mobile device with IMR to avail unique security services and be a responsible citizen and contribute towards enhanced National Security. It takes less than a minute to register against a nominal one time subscription fee of Rs.50.

Report Lost Mobile Phone
One click to report your lost/stolen mobile device. Login to the IMR portal by using your mobile number and last 4 digits of your Aadhaar Number. Then report lost & announce a reward to enhance the chances of getting your device back.

Report Found Mobile Phone
Click here to report a found mobile device using the unique IMR ID which you will find at the back of the mobile device. You do not need to login to the IMR portal. You can still report a Found Mobile even if you are not a registered user of IMR.

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